Cardiff Cycling Campaign

Copenhagen Calling

Increasing access and facilities for cycling in Cardiff and the U.K. is already a key issue widely debated in national and Welsh government. Cardiff’s population is growing and the need for energy efficient methods of transport is highlighted in the Welsh Governments’ “Active Travel Wales Act (2013)”, which sets out to improve facilities and routes for pedestrians and cyclists.

Cardiff could learn from the already successful cycling initiative in Denmark: the implementation of the “Copenhagen Bike Account”.

Bike Lanes in Copenhagen. Credit: Cycling Embassy of Denmark
Bike Lanes in Copenhagen. Credit: Cycling Embassy of Denmark

Councillor Ramesh Patel (Cabinet Member Transport, Planning & Sustainability) also sees the necessity for a Local Development Plan:

  • “Target for at least 50% of journeys to be made by sustainable modes of transport by 2026 so we can accommodate this growth. Enabling more people to switch to cycling for their commute and other daily journeys is an essential part of this”.

 Sustrans, a leading UK bike charity, report their findings within Cardiff:

  • 5 million bike trips in Cardiff in a year
  • 67p per mile is the saving to individuals and to the local economy for every mile biked instead of driven – £14 million a year saving for Cardiff
  • 6,184 tonnes of CO2 saved by bike trips instead of driving – equivalent to 2,436 cars
  • £16 million benefit to health in the city in a single year
  • 78% of people in Cardiff want more spent on cycling
  • 28% of people ride a bike once a month or more

Similarly, we can also see views from Cardiff residents and regular bike users:

Bike Perceptions Cardiff
Bike Perceptions Cardiff
Perceptions of Cardiff's Cycle Routes
Perceptions of Cardiff’s Cycle Routes

Information provided by Sustrans’ Cardiff Bike Life, Survey of over 1,100 Cardiff Residents and Bike Users. Bike Life inspired by Copenhagen Bicycle Account.

It is clear that cycling in Cardiff has positive connotations and benefits, yet many Cardiffians believe that more needs to be done to improve, maintain and increase overall cycling routes. We must use Copenhagen as the pinnacle for implementing cycling changes in Cardiff.



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