Cycling Safety in Cardiff

The 20mph Project: The Amsterdam Model


JS34366547 copy
20mph speed limit lanes in Roath

As with the rise of cyclists in Cardiff, more needs to be done to ensure their safety within the city.

Cardiff Council, in combination with the newly formed Enfys cycling network, launched a 20mph speed limit pilot scheme last year in Cathays (31st March 2014), including student and residential areas.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 17.58.41 copy

This is part of the council’s overall Keeping Cardiff Moving initiative.

 The group recognised and laid out areas of improvements to cycling networks in:

  • Ely
  • St Fagan’s
  • Fairwater
  • Llandaff
  • Ty-Glas
  • Heath
  • Rumney 
  • Campuses of Cardiff Metropolitan University

65% of survey respondents in Cardiff supported plans for a 20mph speed limit pilot in Roath and Cathays.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 17.51.12
20mph speed limit pilot scheme 31st March 2014

Cardiff Council, Enfys, Sustrans and cycling organisations, in consultation with residents and cyclists, want to see a reduction in road accidents and improvements to bike safety in Cardiff. The Welsh Government has £1million at its disposable for cycling infrastructure.

8/10 people said they wanted to see more spent on cycling in Cardiff, as well as improving bike safety:

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 14.37.35
Cardiff residents survey/Sustrans

Concerns have been raised that £1million is far too little compared with the amount of work required and examples from other successful cycling cities such as Bristol, Edinburgh and Amsterdam:

  • Amsterdam has 250 miles of cycle lanes, compared to just 71 in Cardiff
  • Netherlands spend £24 per head on cycling, compared to £2 per head in the U.K
  • Between 1985 and 2005 it witnessed a 45% increase in cycling and a 58% decrease in cyclist fatalities.

    You can find a report on U.K cycling compared to Netherlands here.





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